Jurassic Strike Force 5

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What’s tougher than a dinosaur? An alien dinosaur warrior with enhanced space armor and dual blasters!

Kids of all ages will go crazy for the Jurassic Strike Force 5 team members Rex, Spike, Boomer, Tank, and Saral who are sworn to protect humankind from the villainous overlord Zalex and his army of mutated dinosaurs. Joining Strike Force is Tyler, a plucky teenage son of a renowned scientist along with Buzz, his insect-like machine friend. This hot off the press comic book series is perfect for any Jurassic junkie! A throwback to those great Saturday morning cartoons of the 90’s. This series is just a ton of fun with a lot of ludicrous action!

Written by Joe Brusha & Neo Edmund | Artwork by JL Giles-Rivera & Jeff Balke