Children's Book Day Interview for Princess Ninjas

Children's Book Day Interview for Princess Ninjas

In a world where magic, ninjas, and evil in all shapes and forms exist, three foster sisters, Bridget, Megan and Elyce, along with their sidekick Turtle-bear, will become the secret line of defense for the kingdom of Chiyome.

Did you know we have an all-ages imprint, Silver Dragon Books? Our newest release, Princess Ninjas, contains three tales of family, friendship, karate lessons that only the Princess Ninjas can deliver! Coming out this Spring, we wanted to discuss this new graphic novel with the editor behind it, Christina Barbieri.

Read on to find out how she, and the female-led editing team, helped make Princess Ninjas come to life and her favorite aspects of working on a children's book:

1) Tell us how the process for editing a children’s story is different from what you usually do with Zenescope.

For a children's story, it's important to make sure the story is clear and the words the writer uses are appropriate for a younger audience. On the art side of the story, we want to make sure the characters look consistent throughout so younger kids can follow along easily.

2) How do you work together to make a story like Princess Ninjas come to life for young readers?

To make a story like Princess Ninjas come to life, we really use our creativity to think of the little things that could add to the story. Even though some ideas may be small, they really do add to the overall effect of the story and that's what we are aiming for when delivering this to young readers.

3) Out of all the sisters, who are you most alike?

Out of all the sisters, I am definitely the most similar to Elyce. Elyce tries to come up with strategies to help her sisters out when they are in tough situations which is something I frequently do. I am always thinking ahead and making a plan, and like Elyce, I am a peacemaker. When people fight, I try to be the voice of reason to solve the issue.

4) Which story, out of the three short stories, was your favorite and why?

Out of the three stories, my favorite is the third because it's typical siblings fighting, getting mad at one another, and making fun of one another, but at the end of the day, you always have each other's backs. This story also had some funny moments which made me laugh out loud while reading.

5) What do you like the most about working on a children's graphic novel?

What I like the most about working on children's graphic novels is that it takes you back to a place where you feel like you are a child again. You think like a child to understand how they would be interpreting the information and it's just a fun read all together. The graphics are animated and colorful and the stories are important lessons to teach kids.

6) In the stories, the princesses' did not know about their powers and what they could accomplish. If you had similar superhero powers, what powers would you have and would you be able to keep it a secret?

If I had any superpower in the world, it would be the ability to place any book on my head and gain all the knowledge within that text. Then, I would probably be one of the smartest people ever to live because I would have read every book ever written. I would be able to keep this a secret, but people would be shocked by how much I know.

7) What was your favorite book as a child?

As a child, my favorite book was, The Monster At the End of This Book, but as I got older and was able to read books on my own, I enjoyed reading all of the Junie B. Jones books.




Princess Ninjas was written by Zenescope author Dave Franchini and illustrated by Eduardo Garcia, with colors by Robby Bevard and Maxflan Araujo. Stay tuned for the announcement of Silver Dragon Books' new website and more upcoming titles by following us on social media: